Freedom is 2016's answer to a better workplace and employee wellness.
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Here's why Freedom will improve your bottom line and employee wellness:

Hassle-free implementation
Virtually no work to implement the program, simply send out a link to your customized portal
No additional cost for your company
This smoking cessation program is a pass-through cost
Covered by most insurance policies
Most corporate insurance policies will cover smoking cessation as a voluntary benefit
Easy to use and confidential
Employees order online and have the kit shipped directly to their home
It's FSA Rx eligible
Employees could save and purchase using their Flexible Spending Accounts with a prescription

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Freedom Quit Smoking System Group Shot

√ 10-day home use program – no additional time off work
√ A healthy way to quit – all-natural, nicotine free, no side effects
√ A unique approach that minimizes chances of relapse
√ 70% success rate achieved in a third party research study
√ Easy to use and effective, uses a proven methodology that has helped over 10,000 smokers