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Anti-Smoking Videos

The following videos provide educational information about cigarette smoking, nicotine addiction, tobacco usage, and the history of the industry. We recommend that you watch these videos to better understand why you or your loved ones should break their nicotine addiction.

Secrets through the Smoke is a 55-minute video designed to educate about how the tobacco industry has used the science of addiction and effective marketing practices to promote the use of tobacco. The video provides the perspective of the former senior-ranking tobacco industry "insider," Dr. Jeffrey S. Wigand, whose foresight, personal knowledge, and integrity motivated him to publicly voice his concerns about tobacco and health. Video provided by Center of Disease Control.

Quit Smoking Timeline - is short animation that outlines the physiological changes your body goes after your last cigarette. It demonstrates how quickly your body can recover from smoking related damage. Video developed by

Seven Deadly Myths (provided by the CDC) is hosted by cover model, entrepreneur, and smoking-cessation advocate Christy Turlington. The video explores some of the common myths about smoking and empowers women to become or stay smoke-free.

Sex, Lies & Cigarettes - In the summer of 2010, a viral video featuring a 2-year old Indonesian smoking baby named Aldi Suganda hit the internet globally, uncovering his two pack a day cigarette habit. This smoking baby video became infamous because globally people either found it entertaining to watch or were absolutely horrified to see a baby smoke one cigarettes after another. In this segment, you'll witness how Big Tobacco's marketing efforts are being diverted to impoverished countries, where laws restrictive marketing to the youth population is almost no existent.
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Secrets of the Tobacco Industry - This educational video follows an investigator to the poorest corners of the world, where even some children smoke cigarettes. Learn about Big Tobacco's and its marketing campaign abroad as well as the secrets of the industry.

Smokeless NOT Harmless - looks back at the many tactics used to see smokeless tobacco over the past century. Like a virus, smokeless tobacco marketing has spread around the world, from Venezuela to India, Sweden, and beyond. But counter-marketing efforts are giving you people the truth about these deadly, addictive products.

Time Machine - This eye-opening documentary traces the history of cigarette advertising on television from the 1950s to 1971, when the last television commercial was aired. It features interviews with cigarette company executives and television executives. Learn how cigarette companies sponsored television shows and exerted heavy influence to hook the public on smoking through creative advertisement.
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The Insider - Dr. Jeffrey Wigand was a central witness in the lawsuits filed by Mississippi and 49 other states against the tobacco industry, which were eventually settled for $246 billion. Wigand, former head of research for Brown & Williamson, was a top scientist, the ultimate insider. No one like him had ever gone public before. Watch Wigand wager everything he has to deliver his testimony to the American people under extraordinary circumstances. Freedom highly recommends renting the Insider (available on Netflix), so you have a better understanding about nicotine addiction, smoking, and Big Tobacco.