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About the Company

     Freedom Laser Therapy, headquartered in Los Angeles, is recognized as one of the world’s most well known quit smoking clinics. A leader in innovative smoking cessation technology, Freedom Laser Therapy is committed to helping smokers overcome their nicotine addiction through non-invasive and nicotine-free methods. Since its establishment in 2003, Freedom has helped over 10,000 smokers overcome their addiction. With licensed clinics in Peru and Malaysia, the company continues to expand globally at an accelerated pace.

     With the mission to free the world from nicotine addiction, our talented team continues to search for ways to grow the company and make positive impact on more lives. Through years of research and development, an innovative solution was born – the Freedom Quit Smoking System. The System embodies Freedom’s core principles and rejects the use of nicotine, drugs, or unnatural products to help smokers quit. Designed to be used at home or anywhere, the Freedom Quit Smoking System is an advanced 10-day stop smoking program bringing the company closer to its goal.

About the Founder

     Entrepreneur and inventor Craig Nabat is a visionary whose story begins with his passion to make people’s lives easier. An innovator in consumer electronics, Nabat has developed and brought to market numerous highly successful products, including the Freedom Quit Smoking System – America’s Nicotine Free and Natural Way to Quit Smoking™.

     A former smoker himself, Nabat broke free from his addiction through a non-invasive and pain-free low-level laser treatment. Impressed by the effectiveness and ease of the procedure, Nabat set out to help free smokers struggling from nicotine addiction just as he did. His dedication to the anti-smoking campaign has earned him a multitude of media appearances as well as praises from other anti-smoking advocates, including Patrick Reynolds. The founder of the Foundation for a Smoke Free America said, "Craig, I like that you have dedicated your time and resources to helping people quit smoking and wish you all the success in your honorable quest."

For media inquires, please email or call 323-933-0304.